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Gaming at the speed of light. Turn your personal device into a compute node and earn passive income!

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Shaga Nodes

Make your PC make money for you.

Unlock your GPU by getting mapped as a Shaga Node, and letting other gamers connect and play games through your IDLE

Faster. Anywhere.

Play from any device, wherever you are. Simply connect to the Shaga network and find nodes close to you.

Lowest Latencies

Optimized for distributed local networks. Lower the distance, faster the gamestream. Do not depend on datacenters.

Play Effortlessly

The Netflix of gaming. Play anywhere, anytime with a simple click.

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Infinite options

Pick between any games you can think of, with no hardware constrains.

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More than gaming

Our cutting-edge cloud technology ensures you enjoy the best gaming experiences with low latency and high performance, anywhere, anytime.

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Our supporters

Notable Angels and Advisors

We are cultivating our developer centric and decentralized approach with some of the best minds in the space.

Anatoly Yakovenko
Decentralized Stadia is a pretty awesome idea. I want this thing (Shaga) to exist.
The gaming movement

Take control of your compute

Billions of dollars are being spent and consumed on datacenters. You own idles that can power the next gaming revolution. Unlock it now.